Greetings,  My name is Lorelei Craig.  I have been taking photos since mid 1980 with my Canon Eos Elan and a couple of nice lens.  I still have that old camera as it always served me well.   Now I have upgraded equipment and post processing software so for me it has gone to a whole new level.    I love taking images of my dogs, and wildlife and landscapes.  I also like to shoot candids at dog shows and events.  I am not very fond of taking photos of people.   I love post processing but I always try to get it right at the click of the shutter to avoid too much work on the computer.   I also try to minimize the number of images taken.   Why process 100 average images when I can take 10 good ones and just tweak them a bit in processing.   A great photographer once told me "cameras do not take pictures, people do".